Nor Any Drop to Drink (Devised for the UA Studio Series)

Claire serves as Chair of the Performing Arts at Wells College where she is Assistant Professor of Theatre (Acting and Directing). She previously taught for School of Theatre, Film, and Television at The University of Arizona. Since she began teaching, she has taught a diverse group of 1800+ students.

Student Feedback 

  • “Claire is a wonderful teacher who is accepting and wholeheartedly believes in teaching diversity within the film and theatre industry.”
  • “Out of all my classes, this has been my absolute favorite. Claire is a wonderful instructor who conducts her job with the greatest amounts of passion, professionalism, and expertise. Throughout my time in the class, I feel that I have established a wonderful working relationship with my peers. Looking back upon the semester, I can say with absolute honesty, that my acting and knowledge of the craft have dramatically improved. Through Claire’s thoughtful feedback I noticed dramatic improvements in not only my acting, but in that of my classmates. Claire, Thank You!”
  • “Teacher was very nice and helpful. I actually enjoyed waking up on days that I had this class.”
  • “Mannle was very fun and personable.”
  • “She gave critique in an extremely helpful way. Mannle was always willing to help if you needed help regarding anything to do with theatre, whether it was getting into the program at U of A or outside auditions.”
  • “Claire is just an excellent teacher, she’s always clear about what she expects but she’s reasonable and fun in class.”